Saturday, September 3, 2016

Learning to Get Along


How do you like these handmade tasbih? Believe it or not it was made by a member of the Texas Aryan Brotherhood. One of the good things that you learn in prison is how to get along and respect everybody that is not a rat/informant, child molester, or a rapist. I would never had thought that I would be accepted by gangster's, white supremests, Mafiosi etc. In jail it was ALL about respect, staying in your lane, and being good on paperwork. I would never thought I would be on Independent White 'time', but alhumdulillah that is the way Allah allowed it. Insha'Allah one day if I have a chance I'll try to make a video describing federal prison in depth. I thank Allah for putting me in a situation that REQUIRED me to learn to respect others.

Yousef Al-Khattab

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