Friday, September 9, 2016

Proof a Few Good USAmerican Still Exist


Alhumdulillah I Found This On My Way Home


This may seem petty but to me it is a BIG deal :). Alhumdulillah, Who provided me with a grocery store on my way home from work that provides me with 100% permissible food. Oh, and I would like to thank the Jews for this as well, they still slaughter their meats one by one without machines. Most USAmerican Muslims slaughter with machines. That shouldn't be a surprise, we compromise many aspects of our Deen like this. The Jews are setting the standard for how Muslims SHOULD  be slaughtering, GO FIGYA! These are the times.........

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Learning to Get Along


How do you like these handmade tasbih? Believe it or not it was made by a member of the Texas Aryan Brotherhood. One of the good things that you learn in prison is how to get along and respect everybody that is not a rat/informant, child molester, or a rapist. I would never had thought that I would be accepted by gangster's, white supremests, Mafiosi etc. In jail it was ALL about respect, staying in your lane, and being good on paperwork. I would never thought I would be on Independent White 'time', but alhumdulillah that is the way Allah allowed it. Insha'Allah one day if I have a chance I'll try to make a video describing federal prison in depth. I thank Allah for putting me in a situation that REQUIRED me to learn to respect others.

Yousef Al-Khattab

Request For Sunni Books or a Sunni Pen Pal


Asalam 3leikoum wrwb

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I have a friend in a federal prison that I did time with who alhumdulillah is 100% Sunni, 'Ashari &  Maliki. I can honestly say the bro is one of the only Muslims that I met that has Taqwa and on his Deen full time in the feds. He is in need of books on tasawwuf or PDF printouts. Any books must be sent from the publisher or Amazon, because the feds don't allow private books. He could also use a penpal or telephone friend. His case is not terror related and he is not a scumbag rat like many other fake Muslims I have met there. Please inbox me for his contact info. I would do it myself but I am prohibited from having contact with any felons. May Allah reward you 1000x for your support (not just a like thumbs up).

Barek Allah Feekoum,
Akhouk Yousef

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Islam or Prislam The Choice is Yours in an FCI

I am not a criminal so being sent to a Federal Correctional Institute aka a medium security federal prison was a CRAZY experience for me in the beginning of my bid. I had never been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony in my life, needless to say I was not used to being around the criminal community. (really it is a community with it's own codes and rules)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Ex Cellie


Asalam 3leikoum wr wb

Alhumdulillah I was blessed to become cellmates with honestly one of the finest people I have ever met in my life. This man spends all his time studying what he sees as beneficial knowledge and helping any inmate that has a drop of discipline and self respect. I met this gentleman while he sat in the chapel watching Sheikh Hamza Yusuf videos. Subhan'Allah though he is not a Muslim he enjoys Sheikh Hamza and Khalid Blankenship. He has a vicious workout regiment and LOVES to study neurosciences. I only did a 27 month bid, my buddy here has a life sentence, and prison is a very grim place.
What is the point of me typing this post? Well, first of all he was my "big homie" meaning he was like my Consigliere. Second of all he is a true friend and an example of a very fine human being EVEN while being given an elbow (a life sentence). I am requesting that some of the intelligent brothers on my list become his pen pal or maybe try to have Sheikh Hamza contact him (my cellie did send him a letter before). Perhaps you can even send him reading material on neurosciences, cognitive linguistics, he read Minhaj Abadeen by Imam Ghazali r.A and likes him and Imam Muhasabi as well. I can no longer contact him or be in correspondence with him because my terms of probation forbid it. If you however are interested in cheering him up and prepared for his clever conversations, please inbox me and I will give you his contact info insha'Allah. May Allah reward you all with 'His' 'Mercy' for the mercy that you have shown humanity.
Barak Allah Feekoum,
Bro Yousef al-Khattab